The Natural Law of Entropy

The Natural Law of Entropy states that matter, over time, gravitates to its lowest, most disorganized state. More popularly stated: The universe tends toward chaos. Physicists tell us that randomness and chaos happen because the universe is constantly expanding which creates more room for things to expand…and they do!

What happens in outer space applies to our daily reality as well. Things just come apart and get disorganized. Think of your clothes closet, sock drawer, garage, and your junk drawer. So it should not be a surprise that unless we devote a portion of our time to combating entropy, then disorganization takes over our life.

I always smile when I hear someone complain about the effects of entropy in their business: team disharmony, climbing accounts receivable, holes in the schedule, or an undesirable event that was totally predictable. If we go along thinking that everything is always going to keep going along, we try to defy a natural law and the natural law is always going to win. Entropy is an inescapable fact of life.

You can live with entropy if you act on the organizational basics:

1. Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to formally plan your day.

2. Take another 10 minutes each day to organize your most frequented workspace.

3. Have a meaningful meeting each week with your most important team members… at home and at the office.

4. Review your “dashboard” daily…the key metrix that are the vital signs of your business.

5. Review one essential system in your business monthly to evaluate, revise, improve, and update its effectiveness.

Remember, every time you organize, entropy immediately takes over to unravel what you just raveled! Some things take more time to come unraveled than others, but come unraveled they will. So don’t get frustrated, surprised or annoyed at the effects of entropy. Live with it by planning ahead for it. When you expect it to happen, you prepare for it. And when you are prepared for it, many times you have prevented its negative effects!

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