The Natural Law of Belief

A medical professional was asked what he believed about recommending a certain treatment. He vehemently retorted, “What does belief have to do with it? I prescribed based on the evidence-based data.”

Belief is the state of mind in which a person holds a proposition or premise to be true. Therefore “belief,” my dear doctor, has a lot to do with starting with the evidence that you “believe” to be true.

One of the most powerful forms of belief is belief in oneself because it creates confidence and confidence creates forward motion and accomplishment. So what is the “evidence” upon which belief in oneself is based?

Here is the secret…

What evidence about yourself do you “believe?” We all have successful results and we all have unsuccessful results. Those who “believe” in failure, suffer from a significantly diminished amount of positive belief in self. There is no failure, only results. For example, if you set out to lose 20 pounds in the next 6 months and end up gaining 20 pounds, did you fail? No. You were 100% successful at gaining 20 pounds! That may not have been the result that you wanted, but you did get that result. If someone else wanted to gain 20 pounds, all they would have to do is copy exactly what you did. If you “believe” that you are a failure, your confidence will take a dive and you will be reluctant to even try again. If, on the other hand, you are convinced that you have the ability to get some kind of result, you will start out again with a different plan to get the desirable result. Your focus determines the “evidence” in which you “believe.”

So what do you “believe” about yourself, your circumstances, your opportunities, and your future? What “evidence” do you choose to “believe?” Choose carefully because your ultimate results will follow your belief!

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