The Natural Law of B.L.T.

There are just some things that taste better together: peanut butter with jelly, crackers with cheese, and bacon and lettuce with tomato – BLT.

Things that go better together do so because they build on each other and accentuate each other’s positives. Take another type of B.L.T. for example: Believability, Likability, and Trust. If you like someone, you are more likely to believe him or her. If you like and believe someone, you will most likely trust him or her. They all support each other, are interrelated, and are inseparably connected.

Since we make decisions emotionally and justify with logic, it follows that it all starts with the liking. How logical would it be for someone to enthusiastically recommend a professional by saying, “My dentist, eye doctor, plastic surgeon, etc. is amazing. He does incredible work. His precision is unsurpassed. His education is unparalleled. Now he’s a real jerk, but you ought to go see him.” While that happens occasionally, it does not happen much. We tend to recommend and refer people we like. The liking ignites our belief and trust. Absent the liking, the other two rarely follow.

In studies where medical malpractice companies have tried to determine why some surgeons consistently get sued while others rarely ever do, the common denominator is always the likability factor. People rarely sue people they like, But are quick to seek revenge on those who have slighted them, ignored them, or treated them less than.

So if you want to raise your persuasive results, try a BLT daily. The more you like other people, the more they will like you. The more they like you, the more they will want to believe you. The more they believe you, the more they will trust you. It’s a combination that is inseparably connected.

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