The Natural Law of Attributes

The Natural Law of Attributes states that things take on the attributes of the other things around them. By mere association, our perception of things is influenced by the things around them. Think of The Law of Attributes as the law of the chameleon. The chameleon changes to blend into its environment. In a similar way, our perception tends to associate environmental characteristics to things in that environment.

For example…

An average man who is coupled with an above average looking woman is judged as being more attractive than when he is coupled with an average looking woman. Just by association, the strong, attractive attributes of the good-looking woman are attributed to the man as well.

I had a former business partner who took great effort to make sure he was always strategically positioned in every photo he was in. If there was a person of influence in the picture, he would always make sure he was standing right next to that person. Being seen with a person of influence creates the perception that you are a person of influence. At a recent presidential campaign fund-raiser, people paid thousands of dollars to have their picture taken with the President of the United States. Why, because they would be perceived as a person of importance if they could be seen with the man who held the most powerful position in the world, all because of the Law of Attributes.

Everyone is familiar with the axiom, “You’re known by the company you keep.” More accurately stated, “You are perceived to have similar attributes of the people with whom you associate or with whom you are seen.” Be seen with attractive people and you’ll be perceived as being more attractive. Be seen with intelligent people, and you will be perceived as being more intelligent. Associate with powerful people, and you’ll be perceived as being more powerful. The Law of Attributes “attributes” the most prominent qualities of those in proximity to you.

So watch the company you keep. They can either positively or negatively impact how you are perceived by others. It is just as the old saying goes…you ARE guilty by association.

Action: evaluate all of your associations. What are the strongest attributes of the people with whom you associate? Do those attributes create a more positive or negative perception of you in other people’s minds? Remember, the most powerful attributes of the people in your environment can and will be attributed to you.

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