Exceeding Expectations

My family and I decided to have dinner out last weekend. This is not a casual decision for a family of 9. However, we thought it would be a fun change of pace and decided to give it a try. We choose an Italian restaurant near the house, went early before the evening rush and found a table way in the back. I would have thought any waitress seeing a family this large being seated in her section would quiver, but she was all smiles and greeting us with a warm “good evening ya’ll.”

Soon after we sat down, our waitress brought the entire table glasses of water. Without even asking, she brought to-go style cups with straws and lids for our youngest 3 children. I was impressed with her forethought and consideration. When it came time to order, every member of the family seemed to have questions about their meal, what came with the order and what they could substitute. The waitress answered each question patiently and with her full attention.

While we waited for our food to arrive, our wonderful waitress brought our younger children pizza dough to play with to keep them entertained and occupied. And when our meal was over, she graciously wrapped all of our left over’s in to-go containers and labeled them with each child’s name.

As you can imagine, our family doesn’t go out to eat very often because of the hassle that can be involved. However, if every experience could be as good as this one we’d eat out all the time! I had to stop and ask myself, do I perform this graciously for my clients? Do I go out of my way to exceed their expectations and make it easy and fun for them to work with me? I certainly hope so!

I strongly encourage each of you to think of one thing you can do every day to exceed your clients’ expectations. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make in their lives and how much for gratifying it will make yours.

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